Welcome to the Assif minyan

We are an egalitarian Masorti minyan, following a traditional service using the Singer's Siddur. We meet each Shabbat morning at 9:30 at the New North London Synagogue. We have a break after Shacharit for Kiddush and a Dvar Torah. We encourage participation and enjoy our singing.

Mission Statement

Assif's sole mission is to create a certain type of prayer experience; a service which is traditional, egalitarian, participativeeducational and spiritual.

  • Traditional — meaning, following halachic guidelines on the content of the service and therefore by and large using the traditional 'orthodox' siddur.
  • Egalitarian — with full participation in all synagogue roles by men and women
  • Participative — this means two things. One, having as many people as possible involved in running the service, rather than leaving it all to a small group of experts. Two, using a style of davening and tunes which allow the congregation to participate as much as possible.
  • Educational — this also means two things. One, that Assif seeks to build the skills and knowledge of all its participants, particularly 'shul skills' (leyning, davening etc). Two, that decision on practice are taken only after having educated ourselves by studying the issues.
  • Spiritual — to have services which provide a b and uplifting spiritual experience.

All of these five characteristics are interconnected and mutually reinforcing — egalitarianism leads to greater participation, greater participation enhances the spiritual uplift etc.

We want these services to be: for all ages; to be viable over the long term; to be run regularly enough for them to be the main davening experience for those who want it.


There is no Assif membership; just come along and join in!


If you are able to help out with taking part of the service, or leyning, or reading Haftarah for a week, or would like to give a Dvar Torah; please .

Contacting us...

If you would like to contact us, please .

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